With herbs and garlic



- 2 x wild caught 141 gram lobster tails

- 2 x tbls of parsley

- 2 x tbls of garlic

- 2 x tbls of basil

- 2 x tbls of butter

1. Remove lobster tails from packaging.


2. Cut the shell (belly side) with kitchen scissors.


3. Remove the meat from shell by using a spoon to slide between the shell and meant, in one piece and slice    into 3cm medallions.


4. Finely chop parsley, basil and garlic.


5. On low heat melt two tablespoons butter and one tablespoon of oil and add salt and pepper.


6. Once butter has melted turn heat up to medium and add chopped herbs and cook until garlic is soft.


7. Add lobster and turn to coat with mix and simmer in the frypan until cooked.


8. Plate, season with lemon juice and salt and pepper and serve.

Caution: While all care has been taken, the meat may contain shell - please check prior to consumption and eat with care