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As Seafood suppliers, one of our key objectives is to source our seafood products from sustainable wild fisheries or aquaculture farms. In order to achieve this, we target products from fisheries and farmers that hold a similar view and passion for sustainability.


With a growing population and seafood consumption is always on the rise, we make a point to not only source high quality products, but products that have a minimal impact on the environment and a positive effect on the people who are associated with producing them.


When sourcing and selecting these products, we ensure they are harvested and processed ethically and in a way that doesn’t harm their surrounding environment.


One of our supply partners “Regal Springs Tilapia” continue to display the sustainable practices we endeavor to pursue with our product sourcing.



To source our seafood products from sustainable wild fisheries or aquaculture farms.

A Bit About Regal Springs

Regal Springs is committed to caring for the environment where their Tilapia are raised. They utilize less than 1 percent of the surface area of their clean, freshwater reservoirs. Scales from their fish are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics. Some of the skins are used in gelatin production for pharmaceuticals. Other skins are transformed into a high-fashion alternative to leather. Fish oil and solids separated in the production process become animal feed and biodiesel fuel that powers their trucks and other equipment (http://www.regalsprings.com/our-environment/).


Regal Springs believe that “health fish start with healthy people”. Regal Springs continuously invest in local schools—the buildings and the equipment, as well as the salaries of teachers. They support families with strong wages and benefits and support infrastructure, entrepreneurship and culture within local communities around their fish farms (http://www.regalsprings.com/our-people/).



“health fish start with healthy people”

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